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Critical to the success of Ecotermica is a team of professionals, committed to the present activities of the company and forward-looking to any best practice and innovation. The team is composed of engineers skilled in finding the best design solutions and focused in energy optimization and energy savings.

Maurizio Cassano, Direttore Generale Ecotermica Maurizio Cassano – General Manager
He operates in the industrial sector since 1992, first in the manufactured branch, the n in the plant engineering field. In the last 2 years he operated in the energy sector. He achieved the MSc in Chemical Engineering at Politecnico di Torino.
Attilio Belli, Direttore Tecnico della Ecotermica Attilio Belli – Technical Manager
He deals since 1994 with the design of machines, systems and energy generating stations. He graduated in Mechanical Engineering at Politecnico di Torino, he has always worked in the sector of design and construction of combined heat and power plants.
Guido Cavallero, Responsabile Commerciale della Ecotermica Guido Cavallero - Commercial Manager
Mr. Cavallero is in Ecotermica Group since 2003, he developed the business area on the signing of contracts with private, public and commercial customers. Today he is Commercial Director, he is coordinating both the audit work of the energy needs of the urban sites and the commercial development of district heating plants owned by Ecotermica group.
Barbara Nave, Responsabile Amministrativo della Ecotermica Barbara Nave - Administrative Manager
Ms Nava is in Ecotermica group since 1993, she was responsible for the accounts of the Group companies, with specific expertise in the field of incentives and taxation related to the renewable energy sector. Today she is responsible for the administrative area of Ecotermica Services SpA, and coordinates accounting and treasury.

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